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The ability to perform at the highest level is dependent on the proper function of the nervous system. Therefore, the athlete’s nervous system must be functioning at its peak level to be competitive in any sport or activity.

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Sports & Chiropractic

Chiropractic helps both professional and amateur athletes perform at their best.

How an Athlete Performs

Athletic performance depends upon the ability to properly coordinate movement, endurance, and strength. These functions are all controlled by the nervous system. The brain generates the intent and sends the signals to the individual muscles to perform the activity intended.

Any interference with nerve signals will decrease the athlete's ability to perform at the highest competitive level.

Optimum Performance With Chiropractic

Many professional sports teams, including every team in the National Football League, have chiropractors on staff to ensure that their players can perform at their maximum level. Studies have shown that chiropractic care can result in a 14.8% increase in reaction time. For a player, this can be the difference between making the team or making the hall of fame.

Sports Injuries and Chiropractic

A body that is functioning at less than 100% due to subluxations will be more prone to injury. This is another reason why many athletes are under regular maintenance chiropractic care. Avoiding injuries is the best way to stay in the game. If subluxations are present, the resulting nerve interference will cause the healing process to take longer or not heal correctly.
Regardless of whatever other treatments an athlete may seek for their injury, chiropractic should be included as part of the recovery regime.

Wellness and Quality of Life

Good health is important to everyone. Being physically fit is only one part of being truly healthy. A proper diet, proper physical activity, a good mental attitude, proper rest, and a properly functioning nervous system free of interference from subluxation are all essential for being totally healthy.
No matter what your chosen sport or activity is, chiropractic can help you perform better while increasing your enjoyment and quality of life. Simply put, chiropractic can help you - be a better you.